Shot Saver, Would Everyone Stop Missing Shots.

Shot Saver, Statistically putting is 42% of the game but rarely practiced by amateur golfers….

The new Shot Saver from NorthSouth is the evolution of the humble ball marker. Our patented figure of 8 shape is designed to keep the line in mind and help you sink more putts.

Manufactured to exacting standards Shot Saver conforms to the rules of golf. Improves the visualisation of the putt and helps to eliminate line-up issues caused by eye dominance.

As with driving, a pre-shot routine for putting is vital. Adding Shot Saver to yours will result in greater concentration and the execution of more frequently holed putts.

The new addition of the Green Saver tool further enhances the offering. Featuring cutting edge design and of course housing one of our Shot Saver markers.

Shot Saver also makes a great corporate gift with various branding opportunities.

Shot Saver will retail at £12.95 and Green Saver at £16.95