NorthSouth Concepts Launch New Golf Gift Website

NorthSouth Concepts, owners of Squire Golf, CustomX™ design, Shot Saver® and DivA™ golf tools have launched a brand new website complete with exclusive B2B portal.

The new website is packed full of features and brochures displaying over 900 products, many of which are completely new to the trade. The B2B portal which is accessed via the site allows account holders to login, check their order progress, place orders directly and view the entire product range in one easy to use format. 

Managaing Director, Ewan Davidson said ‘We are delighted to be launching a one stop site for all of our brands and products, which really showcases our hard work. The B2B portal is truly amazing and a perfect tool for customers when ordering, tracking order progress or presenting to clients. It is also a great replacement for existing trade search sites where many niche products like ours get lost amongst the competition”

Davidson also pointed out that one of the key considerations for the new site was the implementation of a virtual showroom that allows direct video access to the companys real showroom via the site without the need for any additional user software. ‘With all of the recent market changes due to Covid, we understand that we need to be able to meet customers safely on their terms. With our new system you can simply book an appointment online, knock on the virtual office door, wait in the virtual waiting room and enter the virtual showroom – all without leaving the comfort of your own chair and real office.’

Visit the new site by clicking here NorthSouth Concepts – further developments of the site are also planned through 2021 which will improve the overall customer experience.

NorthSouth Concepts are a Derbyshire based manufacturer and distributor of premium golf and gift products. 

With UK based in-house design, production, print and fulfilment they have full control over manufacture and order process’s to ensure the highest quality and rapid supply to multiple sectors.

The 2016 acquisition of well known promo trade company, Squire Golf, a business with a rich history in golf and a UK manufacturing heritage dating back to the 1950’s further cemented their position as a market leader in the supply of logo goods.

To hear more about the new 2021 range or any of our brands or services please email us;

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